Who we are...

The Scholarly Exchange® service is offered to the global research community to foster and encourage Open Access to scholarly research.  Using a low-cost hardware and software hosting platform, the Scholarly Exchange® service removes the barriers to academic journal publishing by offering a feature-rich yet easy-to-use Open Source publishing system.  The Scholarly Exchange® service has been administered by the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh since August 1, 2012.


The Scholarly Exchange® service emerged in 2002 to promote innovative, cost-efficient electronic-first approaches to scholarly publishing.

Its founders were the first to

  • produce a comprehensive manuscript tracking system
  • introduce a complete editorial-and-publishing e-platform

The Scholarly Exchange® service is the first to

  • offer a Software-as-a-Service e-publishing model
  • provide a first-year-free model for easy startup
  • experiment with alternative revenue models for open access journals

The Scholarly Exchange® service is a facilitator, not a publisher. Our role is to assist scholarly journals while promoting free and Open Access to scholarly knowledge. We are developing new ways to sustain e-journals, and we welcome your collaboration.

The not-for-profit entity started with the cooperative efforts of three university faculty, Julian Fisher (Harvard University), Yuwei Shi (the Monterey Institute), and Mike Sosteric (Athabasca University)—each with extensive experience in scholarly publishing and committed to the establishment of effective and affordable approaches to the sharing of knowledge among scholars.

The Scholarly Exchange® service plays no role in the creation of the information or its ultimate ownership, and its mission is to support only in the sharing of the highest quality of scholarship as determined by the scholars who produce it. The Scholarly Exchange® service encourages its member journals to archive their published material in university and public open archives for long-term storage.

The Scholarly Exchange® service began as a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation under the Internal Revenue Code of the US Internal Revenue Service.

Previous Governing Board

  • Julian Fisher, MD
  • Yuwei Shi, PhD
  • John Hoey, MD