Self-Directed Learning Readiness of College Students in Thailand

Denchai Prabjandee, Mahachart Inthachot


In the knowledge-based society, where information rapidly changes and disseminates worldwide, self-directed learning is an important ability for college students to possess. In the current study, self-directed learning readiness of college students in Thailand was investigated, and comparisons of this readiness were made across years of education and majors. Undergraduate students (n = 156) in colleges of education in Thailand completed an online survey. The results revealed that Thai college students reported having self-directed learning readiness at a moderate to high level. The two dimensions (creativity and openness to learning) were at a moderate level, but the other six dimensions were at a high level. Also, self-directed learning readiness differed across years of education and majors. Implications of how to maximize learning opportunity based on current circumstances were also provided.


self-directed learning; self-directed learning readiness; college students; colleges of education; Thailand

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