JCAE serves as a forum for higher education students to develop their research foundations through a better understanding of core cybersecurity elements that underpin our National Infrastructure and a global technological integration. The journal aims to encourage student research to address cybersecurity challenges and, in the process, engage them in scholarly activities to instill the value of research as a critical component of cybersecurity profession.  



The scope of this journal is multi-disciplinary with broad focus on cybersecurity education, training and awareness. We encourage secondary research with an emphasis on identifying particularly vexing cybersecurity issues.


Review Guidelines 

All papers must describe personally prepared research within the scope of the Journal. Completed papers will be submitted through the exchange where they will be peer-reviewed using a double blind system and presented in the Journal’s format. Each publication will consist of at least three or four competitive papers accepted through the review process. Issues employ a standard format of presentation by an author and general audience discussion, with a specific section, Executive Summary, tailored toward practitioner implementation.