***Submission Deadline --> November 1, 2010***

Prefix is an open access journal created by and for members of the GWU English graduate community. The journal aims to support the diverse research and creative interests of the graduate student body through an interactive peer review submission process and post-publication reader commentary.

We encourage submissions of scholarly articles (full-fledged or in embryonic form), creative work (including poetry, fiction, art, photography, and music), reviews (of literature, music, film, area restaurants-- anything goes!), meditations, grievances, reveries, and announcements. Please submit for any of the following sub-sections of Prefix:

1. multiplicities

pl. noun

scholarly articles and works in progress

2. pork chops and jouissance

compound noun conjunction noun


3. on the couch

preposition definite article noun

faculty/student interviews

4. wunderground


creative works

5. –ings

pl. suffix


You have the liberty to interpret the above sections as you wish. This is a creative forum.

Please send your submissions for our second issue to Dora at theodora@gwmail.gwu.edu by November 1, 2010. We adhere to the standard MLA format (i.e. endnotes) and request that you receive permission for images used/provide appropriate documentation for images.

If you have any questions about Prefix and/or are interested in becoming a peer reviewer or joining the editorial board, feel free to contact either Dora or Marilena (at marz@gwmail.gwu.edu).