In support of our mission, we encourage Open Access to scholarly research, which allows for a broader potential audience due to its freely available and reusable nature. As such we recommend the use of Creative Commons 4.0 licensing. However, it is the journal's decision as to what type of license to use and who will retain the copyright of the published work — whether that is the journal or the author.

Article Processing Charges

Scholarly Exchange® service does not have a policy about article processing charges. It is our hope that the reduced cost of the hosted platform is low enough that these charges are not necessary; however, we understand that it is one way that journals defray editorial costs. Because the publishing platform costs are minimal, the per-article publishing cost should be set very low to generate cost recovery for an editorial assistant's time, copy editing fees, or conversion to a specific format if PDF is insufficient as a display medium.

If article processing charges are used, any and all fees charged to the author should be explicitly stated in either your policies or submission guidelines.

Open Access

The Scholarly Exchange® service was formed with the intention of offering the hosted platform to reduce underlying costs to a level that permits free access to electronic material—true global Open Access. As such, all journals on our platform must be freely available without subscription.


The journal or its authors (depending upon the journal's copyright policies) own all rights to the articles published in the journal. Legal responsibility for article content and appropriateness of content rest with the journal and its authors. Both journals and authors agree to the immediate removal of any material that violates legal statutes in the United States.

Affordable and Sustainable

Open Access Publishing

The Scholarly Exchange® service provides to you a proven platform for your new open access scholarly journal.

Publishing System

We use a feature-rich publishing platform that allows journals to fully manage the administrative and editorial aspects of their journal. We also make sure your content never gets lost by providing daily backups.


Open Access

We are committed to providing research communities a low-barrier resource to share knowledge and ideas through open and responsible collaboration.


Low Cost

Set-up and start your journal risk free with no service fees for the first year. Subsequent year service fees are kept low to ensure you can focus on your journal content and not the cost of producing it.


Quick Startup

Starting a Scholarly Exchange® hosted journal begins with a proposal form and, once submitted, you could be working on creating content within a month.